Identity Crises – Part 2

In hindsight, making the choice to set my life on fire was the easy part. After two weeks soul searching in Vietnam, I arrived home with this vision of where I wanted to head. It was a vague vision. I didn’t know exactly where this path would lead, where I wanted to end up, what… Continue reading →

Addictive Heartbreak

I think I have an addictive personality. I believe in love and want my happy ending. I also believe in trying everything to make it work until there is nothing left, but heartbreak. A long time ago, I had a boyfriend who I had been seeing for a number of years. We were together for… Continue reading →

identity Crisis – Part 1

PART ONE At 25, I thought I had it all figured out. I had a job that paid well, and made me feel important. I had a house by the ocean, a brand new car and a boat to spend lazy weekends. I had a long term partner who cooked for me, cared for me… Continue reading →

The Ex

We all have that one ex, don’t we? The one that absolutely tore your heart out, and left you completely destroyed. The one that casts a shadow over every relationship afterwards. Usually its the first one. Before our hearts start to harden, before experience warns us which ones to trust. I was nursing a killer… Continue reading →

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