Down & Dirty Rendezvous

Have you ever had a down and dirty, meet at a pay by the hour hotel, rendezvous with an almost stranger? I have! I met a guy over drinks one night and we got to talking. We flirted casually that night and there was some sexual spark, nothing exciting, but not boring either. We exchanged phone numbers and never got around to contacting each other until a few weeks later. I didn’t really know much about him, all I remember was he was friendly and attractive.

Our initial phone contact was fairly innocent. We started texting with the how are you, what are you up to, kind of conversations. It eventually turned more sexually explicit and one day he suggested we catch up in our lunch break at a place he knew! Well, the place he knew was a seedy, pay by the hour hotel. That didn’t so matter much, I wasn’t going to be there long!

On arrival it was a little awkward, we didn’t really know how to react to each other. After some hesitant touching and kissing, we became more passionate. Then, things exploded! We frantically pulled each others clothes off and had crazy, monkey sex on the bed. We then moved to the shower where we went at it again. It was nice, he was a great lover and with no commitment or chance we would see each other regularly, I was feeling great! I would definitely rate this experience as about 8 on my scale of sexual experiences.

After the hour was up, we both went on with our separate lives and the pay by the hour hotel experience faded into my memories. A few months later I saw him again in a supermarket. To my shock, and horror, he was with his wife and young baby. So, it turns out that when he was in the seedy motel room with me having great sex, his 8 month pregnant wife was at home waiting for him.

What a dirt bag! That revelation certainly tarnished my memory of that day and made me feel as seedy as that hotel. I don’t mind having sex with an almost stranger in a pay by the hour hotel, but I would never take another woman’s man. Years later, I still feel the outrage I felt on the day I found out he was a adulterer. I am still romantic enough to believe that once you’re married, you are married for life (or until divorce) and your vows are important.

Lesson learnt.


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