Comfortable Rabbit

I always laugh to myself when I see my vibrator. Not because of the pleasure it gives me or the fun times I have had with it but because buying it almost landed me a job. One weekend I wanted to get a little naughty with my boyfriend, so we visited the local sex shop.… Continue reading →

The Cold Room

There is something about a man in uniform that makes a woman swoon. It was because of this that I attended a function at an Officers Mess in North Queensland a few years ago. A friend invited me with the promise that the officers were looking for some loving at the end of the long… Continue reading →

Down & Dirty Rendezvous

Have you ever had a down and dirty, meet at a pay by the hour hotel, rendezvous with an almost stranger? I have! I met a guy over drinks one night and we got to talking. We flirted casually that night and there was some sexual spark, nothing exciting, but not boring either. We exchanged phone numbers and… Continue reading →

Order Up

I have always wanted to order up an escort when I am alone in a hotel room. Just call room service, ask for one sex worker please and thank you, my order will be here in 40 minutes. That’s how it works every time I order food through room service and for some reason I didn’t… Continue reading →

Polish Wonderland – Part 1

Scotland is the land of magic fairies. Beautiful fields of flowers and secret faerie gardens. In this magical place I unexpectedly met a man who still had his own magic. I completely forgot that we all started out as Virgins.  Who knew such people still existed! I mean, have you ever met a 27 year… Continue reading →

Polish Wonderland – Part 2

What was a girl to do? I desperately wanted to drag him into the bushes and rip his clothes off, or trip him into the ocean and get him hot and wet, just like I was. Its amazing the range of emotions a girl has when you’re ready for wild monkey sex and you are listening… Continue reading →

Bondage at the Winery

I let out a contented sigh as the waiter refills my wine glass. I look out over the sprawling vineyards below me and take a long sip of an incredible Pinot Noir, harvested from the grapes currently basking in the late afternoon sun. The Hunter Valley knows how to make a good red. The only… Continue reading →

The Advantages of Tinder

In this digital age of swipe left / swipe right, we are accustomed to a certain standard of behaviour. We are accustomed to being able to determine someone’s personality by their profile picture, they’re 180 characters & their mutual ‘likes’. Then we’ll chat for a few days, and if things are still looking promising, we’ll… Continue reading →

The Bass Player – Part 1

As I took in a shaky breath and tried to calm my heart rate, I was vaguely aware that I was covered in a light sheen of sweat. And no wonder either, this had been an absolute workout. I was very aware of the presence of many other sweaty, panting, pulsating bodies pressing up against mine. At least… Continue reading →

The Bass Player – Part 2

Continued……… As the other band members paired off with any number of gorgeous girls, we chatted for a while and I really, really tried to see the good in Bass Player. This wounded bird of a musician, whose bravado and ego really only highlighted the emptiness of the man inside. I started to warm towards him. When… Continue reading →

The Italian Stallion

‘Ciao, Bella!’ the calls ricocheted off the beautiful Italian buildings as I walked to the local restaurant to meet some friends for dinner. I had never stepped foot in this magnificent country before. I had adored Rome, the nerd in me absolutely salivating over the history around every corner. But now I was exploring the… Continue reading →

Mr Monster Truck

I drag my nails down his hard, tattooed arms as his fingers dig fiercely into my hips. We move completely in sync, we are both masters at this game. I dig my fingernails into his back and arch a leg over his shoulder, screaming as we complete the final stages of our dance. ‘Holy fuck’… Continue reading →

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