“Empowerment’ refers to the process by which people gain control over the factors and decisions that shape their lives. It is the process by which they increase their assets and attributes and build capacities to gain access, partners, networks and/or a voice, in order to gain control.”

Empowerment is a very powerful concept which I think we need to explore!

Imagine having full control of your life goals, awareness of what leads you to make certain decisions and strategies to achieve desired outcomes.

Too often we slide through life believing fate, karma or God will show us the way. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t discount any of those things but what if we had more control over this process, with a clear plan, organised steps to achieve and a set goal? Would you feel more in control of your life? Would you be more confident? Wouldn’t you seek like minded people to share your journey?

My 2017 New Years resolution is to explore Empowerment and what is means to me. I am not talking about becoming a bra burning feminist or spurning those who don’t give me what I want in life! I am talking about looking for a process that allows me to seek a more positive and fulfilled life.

I will share my journey with you and I would love you to share yours!! How liberating!


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