Firstly I want to apologise for not posting a blog last week. I just couldn’t do it. The pressures of life became a little too much and I had to let something go. I needed to stop. Why do we get to the point that something has to break before we change things? Why do we have to stretch ourselves so far that something breaks in the first place?

Last week I was sick, had pressures at work, friends and family wanted pieces of me, my house was dirty, my current man was being demanding, I hadn’t finished a book I wanted to read and then I had to write this blog. I just wanted to hide, so I did. I let myself stop and look around.

Then the feelings of guilt start. Why couldn’t I do it? What was wrong with me? Could I have done something better? Well, I am here to tell you, NO! Just no. We can only do so much, there is only so many hours in the day. We CANNOT do everything and we shouldn’t have to.  The only person who places the pressure on you is yourself and I want everyone to tell yourself to “fuck off”. Just once in a while say fuck off.

If you feel like you are on that mouse wheel, put fairy lights on it and drag out the champagne. Celebrate the little things and let the negativity go. Stop and paint your nails while the doing the washing or look out the window at the butterflies in the garden just because you can. Say no to the never ending, fast moving, draining cycle of life and just breathe.

You may find you like it.

Thanks for listening, I feel better this week.


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