Pursuit of Ordinary

Now that New Years is over and our resolutions have been made and forgotten, let’s talk about what is real. Every day, I feel like I am looking for something that is just beyond my reach. That something that will make me feel complete or fulfilled. I know it is out there, but what is it? Do you feel it? Do you have it?

Some of you will know what it is, some of you don’t yet and some of you may never. It is that something that makes us speculate about the grass being greener, our job being beneath us, we never look pretty enough. It creates just enough anxiety in us to make us think we are not good enough and loose our way. For those who know what that little something is in their lives, I salute you. It must be beautiful and inspiring to know that part of you that makes you feel great, to strive for your goals, to achieve your awesome and to fulfil your dreams. For those who do not know what it is, I am advocating the pursuit of ordinary.

Why can’t we wake up every day and feel like we are great? It doesn’t matter if all you have is a job opposed to a career, be great at your job! It doesn’t matter if you do not have millions, make your hundreds count. It does not matter that subscribe to the standards of beauty, what does that look like anyway?

I want to talk about the little things that we can do or feel today that will turn our lives around. I actually want to talk about celebrating ordinary.


  1. Be Kind – Kindness is free and incredibly rewarding. Being kind can mean anything, give a compliment to someone, pay for someone’s coffee, smile and say have a good day. As the world gets busier, kindness is forgotten. One of the greatness advocates of kindness is Ellen DeGeneres, who says “Kindness is something that we should all have. What makes me happy is making other people happy”. Give it a go!


  1. Be charitable – Not all of us have a lot of time or a lot of money so this one can seem hard to achieve but charity is defined as the act of giving and everyone has something to give. Collect toiletries for the homeless, volunteer at a pet shelter, pick up litter of the streets. If you have nothing else to give but time, there are a million charities that will take it. If you are more fortunate, give money, toys, clothes, sleeping bags, just one thing is  lot.


  1. Find your dream – If you do not know what your dreams are or what your potential is, try and find it. Enrol in a course, attend introduction nights, read a book, watch a YouTube clip, write something down. You will be amazed at the talents you find just by giving a few things a go. If you are anxious about finding your dream and this is closing your off to opportunities, try finding someone else’s dream. You never know what door this opens. It could be the door to your awesome.


  1. Do the basics – Sometimes all it takes to feeling great is getting back to basics. Drink water, eat a piece of fruit, eat one less meal of take away a week, go for a walk. Feeling and being great starts with you and if you are feeling healthy, you have more of a chance of recognising what is great about you.


  1. Give yourself the gift of time – In today’s society, everything is going at full speed. Give yourself a break from the madness of life for a few minutes. Sit in a park and look at the trees, find a library and marvel at the books, go to the movies and watch something mindless! Give yourself an opportunity to breathe in the life you are zooming through. Try and look at the world through difference lenses and determine if you like what you see.


Today, I want to give myself a chance. I want you to give yourself a chance. We are our own biggest critics and I want us both to be brave and tell that critical side to get lost. Take a big hairy, flying leap! Be brave with your life and say to yourself, this is me and I am ok. YOU ARE OK! We need to tell ourselves that our lives right now are great, we might have the life we want but we can work towards it. Not everyone will have a life like a reality TV star, but that is fine, because while your life might seem ordinary, you are awesome and so am I.




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