Comfortable Rabbit?

I always laugh to myself when I see my vibrator. Not because of the pleasure it gives me or the fun times I have had with it but because buying it almost landed me a job.

One weekend I wanted to get a little naughty with my boyfriend, so we visited the local sex shop. We had been there a few times and I had bought many vibrators in the past. My point is I knew what I wanted and what I was looking for this visit! After roaming around the shop for a while looking at other products and laughing at my boyfriend about the male toys that I knew he would never buy (yes, I was dating a male prude), I picked up a trusty new pink Rabbit. The Rabbit is my favourite vibrator as I really enjoy the vibration and rotation and the clitoral stimulator. I buy it every time!

I was making casual conversation with the lady at the check out about how I always buy the Rabbit and no, I didn’t need any batteries or disinfectant wipes, when she asked me if I wanted a job. I laughed because while I am confident and comfortable about buying and using sex toys, I am not sure I want to know what every one else is buying or using!

This immediate response gave me a great deal of concern……Why am I embarrassed? Was I a hypocrite? Did I have double standards? Am I as confident and comfortable as I think I am?

I spent half a second on my concerns before I realised that I was doing ok. I merely preferred my day job.

Until next time!



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