The Cold Room

There is something about a man in uniform that makes a woman swoon. It was because of this that I attended a function at an Officers Mess in North Queensland a few years ago. A friend invited me with the promise that the officers were looking for some loving at the end of the long tedious night, which was exactly what I was after. It was long and tedious alright, with the exception of a fine specimen of a man, who appeared to work in the kitchen. All these beautiful officers dressed in their resplendent best and I was attracted to the man in the kitchen! Haha, I always did love my food.

We only exchanged brief glances every time he passed by the kitchen doors but the hunger on his face gave me told me he was attracted! Over the night his eyes became hot with promise. Not a word passed between us for hours but the anticipation of a romp in the kitchen at the end of the night kept me in my seat until the end. When everyone was too drunk to notice, he gestured for me to come to him. Mmmmm, I was quivering in delight.

I slid through the doors into a deserted kitchen to find him waiting for me. He held my hand and pulled me towards the back of the kitchen into the cold room. He gently pulled me into his arms, caressing my back and laid his lips on mine. Oh my, oh my, it might have been cold, but I was on fire! I was aroused by his gentleness. We had not spoken a word, but I wanted my hands on his body. I frantically pulled off his shirt and caressed his muscles, while he fondled my breasts. My nipples were hard and became cold when he pulled them from my bra. He pushed me against the cold room shelves, pressing the full length of his body against mine.

I forgot about the cold, I wanted to be naked so his rough hands could touch me all over. I unzipped his pants, reaching in to grab the full length of his cock. His pants dropped to the ground at the same time my skirt slid down my legs. He spun me around, grabbing me hair, pulling my head back while his teeth bit into my neck. Our heavy panting was a clear indication of our desire. He reached forward and pressed his hand against my clit, surprising me with his heavy thrust. He slid right in, his penis large enough to surprise me with the force of his thrust. The cold of the air with the heat of his body was amazing. His hands on my breasts and clit, his mouth on my neck, his body thrusting against mine; it was enough to have me writhing in pleasure.

It was almost silent in the cold room, only the sound of our panting could be heard. We were hammering against each other, the orgasm was intense and drawn out. I am fairly certain I screamed as he grunted against me. Wow, I was done. What a night of boredom that turned into something fabulous.

We didn’t talk at all, what was the point? We had completed an act of intense pleasure without saying a word or knowing each others names. We kissed each other gently and he let me out of the cold room.

I turned and blew him a kiss.

Jz xx


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