Polish Wonderland – Part 1

Scotland is the land of magic fairies. Beautiful fields of flowers and secret faerie gardens. In this magical place I unexpectedly met a man who still had his own magic. I completely forgot that we all started out as Virgins.  Who knew such people still existed! I mean, have you ever met a 27 year old man who is still a VIRGIN?

I write virgin in capital letters because I just don’t believe it! Wow, so much respect to him because of his sexual status in life! It actually really threw me as I didn’t want to corrupt him, or be his first. My sexual needs were purely selfish but I also wanted him to be left intact. It appealed to my sense of ridiculous. Boy oh boy, he was sexy. It makes me so hot just thinking about it.

I met him in a converted Castle in Scotland, he was from Poland. He had smouldering brown eyes, black hair and looked at me like he wanted to eat me (I wonder if he knows what I mean when I say that, being a virgin and all). Our eyes met across the restaurant and I was transfixed, I was wet instantly. I followed him to the lounge after dinner and decided he didn’t stand a chance. It was just a matter of deciding his room or mine. His English was great, so I flirted outrageously, not giving him any misunderstanding as to my intentions. Of course, I didn’t know he was a virgin at this time. He was gentle with me when he turned me down. But he did turn me down!

To appease me, he suggested we meet for coffee the next day in the little Village by the Sea. It was going to be a long and completely unsatisfying night, so with his face in my mind, I lulled myself to sleep with an outstanding orgasm. That next afternoon we met for coffee before he suggested a walk along the beach. As I was wearing my sexiest short skirt and highest heels, this posed a slight problem! I suggested walking along a track that led to a secluded part of the beach, which he was totally keen for. He was giving me mixed signals, was he keen, was he not? Was he gay and my gaydar had run out of batteries? I am a quivering mess. I decided I had to lure him to a quiet part of the beach and see what came of it. How could he resist me throwing myself at him. I was wanton!

Walking along the beach, my belly quivering with anticipation, his hot breath whispered in my ear, he had never been with someone like me. I thought he meant a modern, sexually knowledgeable woman like me, but no. He meant a woman, any woman. He was a Virgin! What was a girl to do?

Jz xx


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