Welcome to Bullshit-Free Blogging.

Catt Cheshire lazily lifts her glass of cheap champagne, and lets the cool, fizzy liquid drain her troubles away. It is a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon on the east coast of Australia. It is the kind of Sunday afternoon only Australia can deliver – absolutely stinking hot, with a hint of eucalyptus and a faint smell of bushfire in the air. She smiles at her fellow champagne enthusiast Jezabel Johnson, whose back deck she is currently lounging on. She arches her back in a long, lazy stretch and moves further into her spot in the sun – much like her namesake domestic pet would do.

‘Great idea Jez’, she smiles. Catt has just filled Jezabel in on her latest horror dating story, and they are laughing over their dating / life / work mishaps, while debating what life is REALLY like for the modern day empowered woman. ‘We SHOULD write a blog about all of this’ Jezabel refills their glasses, and gazes dreamily at the sun, just beginning to dip toward the horizon. She smiles her perfect gloss-red, man-killer smile and muses ‘A collection of stories, a no-bullshit lens on real life. Not like the glossed-over, photo shopped shit  we get from womens magazines… or heaven forbid, Mills & Boons novels!’

They  throw their heads back in laughter, cackling the way only women can do after their third (or fourth) glass of bubbly. They chink their plastic glasses, and just like that, this melting pot of humour, sexual encounters, inspiration and heart-wrenching real life stories is born.

Welcome to bullshit-free blogging.

Welcome to Jezabel&Catt.